Boracay's white beach

Boracay's white beach
Taken infront of Seawind Resort (2001)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

san miguel purefoods mom's kitchen ready to eat adobo

got a container of san miguel purefoods new frozen food product, Mom's Kitchen. they have adobo, callos, patatim.

i got the adobo. you could either microwave it or re-fry it. i re-fried mine. the cooking directions said that you add a little oil but i didn't coz i know that adobo already has oil in it. i fried it until it was a bit dry, that way it becomes a bit crispy. what i also did was i sprinkled some oregano and rosemary on it and it smelled and tasted great!

it's a great product for those who want to eat right away and can't cook, either at home or at the office.

check it out in your suking grocery.

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