Boracay's white beach

Boracay's white beach
Taken infront of Seawind Resort (2001)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Kenny Rogers Roasters New Sandwich Menu

On my way to Makati this morning, I decided to have lunch at the Festival Supermall in Filinvest.
As I was walking to the mall, I was already thinking of what and where to eat until I finally decided to have lunch at Kenny Rogers Roasters. I was planning on getting their baby back ribs and chicken combo platter.
As I approached the place, I noticed that they had some posters on display at the entrance. It was their new sandwich menu and new grill entrees. They have 4 new sandwiches added to their other sandwiches and all are served in whole wheat bread.
They have Philly Cheesesteak, Roast Chicken, BBQ Rib, Tuna Melt, Cheese Burger, Fried Chicken, Cold Chunky Tuna, Cold Chunky Chicken, Jumbo Hotdog and Jumbo Chili Hotdog.

For their grilled entrees, they serve Grilled Rib, Cheeseburger, BBQ Chicken, BBQ Pork Belly, Burger Steak, Grilled Fish Fillet and Grilled Sausage.

I've already tried their jumbo chili hotdog, chunky tuna and roast chicken. So this time I ordered their new BBQ Rib sandwich. The sandwich was great! Ribs were tender and the sauce was just right.

Unfortunately, as I was placing my order, the staff was not well-informed of their new sandwich line-up. When I told her I wanted BBQ Rib sandwich, she offered me their BBQ rib platter. I then said I wanted the sandwich at which she said that they have sandwiches. I then told her I wanted the new BBQ rib sandwich and then gave me the dumb look as if thinking "what is he talking about". I told her that there is a poster at the entrance that they have new sandwiches.

She then asked her colleague beside her what I was talking about. Her colleague knew what I wanted and told her that it's in the sandwich button of their POS. That's when she only knew what I was talking about.

One thing else that Kenny Rogers did is to renovate their interiors. They now sport a brighter dining area.

There will always be the debate on who serves the best chicken (them, Max's or KFC) but I would recommend that you give them a try. Hope that they do something about the product knowledge of their front staff.

Happy eating!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mile Hi Inn Tagaytay

On my way up to Tagaytay yesterday for a meeting, I stopped at Mile Hi Diner for lunch. Wanted to have their Angus Beef Burger but was not available, so I opted for their Mile Hi Burger instead (which was very juicy!) and a cup of French Onion soup.

While waiting for my food to arrive, I noticed a tarpaulin banner hanging on the wall. I thought it was one part of their menu promos. I was surprised to see that it was about their rooms. Turns out they have rooms in their place.

So I asked the waiter where there rooms were and how many did they have. He said that they're located below the restaurant and that they have 3 rooms (1 Family and 2 Standard). So I asked him if I could see them after having my lunch and he said yes it could be arranged. I took my time enjoying my hot soup and juicy burger. After I paid my bill, they asked if I still wanted to see the rooms, and still having enough time to make it to my meeting, I followed the waiter outside and downstairs of the diner. I didn't have a regular camera with me, so I used my handy N70 to take pictures of the place.

There's a common door for all 3 rooms, which is located under the restaurant and fronts Carlo's Pizza. Upon entering, there are 3 doors; to your left and right are the doors of the 2 Standard rooms and few steps ahead is the door to the Family room.

The Standard rooms have 2 single beds placed beside each other which makes it look like a double sized bed. There's a small wall-type air-conditioning unit which is strong enough for the size of the room. Floor area is about 9sqm. TV with cable connection is part of the features of the room (TV was removed temporarily to give way to the installation of an emergency light). There's a small toilet and bath as well with hot water.

As to the Family room, it has a double bed; plus another single bed with a roll-away bed beneath it. It also had a cabinet. Room also comes with a TV with cable connection and a toilet and bath which was a bit wider than that of the Standard rooms. Floor area is about 12sqm.

The place is great for groups or families. It's better that one group books all three rooms, that way you won't disturb or be disturbed if there were other guests. The waiter said that no matter the room rate, they don't do head counts of how many are going to sleep in a room.

One thing nice about the place is that you don't have to go far for a meal. The room rate comes with breakfast for two at the diner. And for other meals, you have the choice of Carlo's Pizza, Teriyaki Boy, Pancake House, The Grill by Antonio; over the wall is Dencio's, or you could cross the road and you have King Bee Chinese Restaurant (great food here) and Raja Korean Restaurant.

Overall, the rooms are clean. The waiter was kind enough to disclose that sometimes guests comment on the noise from the restaurant, especially when chairs and tables are being dragged. There is no sound insulation between the diner and the rooms. There is also no view whatsoever so don't expect waking up with a nice, clear view of the Taal volcano.

Room rates are as follows: Family room = P2995, Standard Room = P2250, additional mattress, pillow and blanket = P250. Amenities are Cable TV, hot shower, breakfast for 2.

They also have a wash up rate of P600 for 3 hours, which is available from 9am to 6pm only.

For reservations, call (046) 413.4203 or text 0921.798.8819 c/o Irene Bustos. For weekends and holidays, it's better to call and book ahead as they get booked fast.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Think Green!!!!

Help protect our environment! And you thought i was talking about a university.

Nope, i'm talking about being responsible by helping save mother earth. Shopwise is one of those retail companies that have been encouraging their shoppers to use reusable bags. For P99.50, you could buy a bag made of canvass and use it every time you buy your groceries. Also, when you get their reusable grocery bag, they give you a laminated card with a bar code printed, which you can attach to your bag using the chain that comes with the laminated card.

After you've done your shopping and the cashier rings up your bill, she scans the bar code of the card and it gives you double points.

We used to bring home about 8-10 plastic bags of a month's worth of groceries. Yesterday, we only had two of the Shopwise canvass bag.

I know SM Supermarket is another retail company that encourages their grocery shoppers to get their canvass bag which you can use when you buy your groceries.

Back in the US, Safeway encourages their shoppers to use their previous plastic bags when they buy groceries again. All you have to do is fold them neatly and place them in another plastic bag. And when you're at the cashier, you give the used plastic bag to the bagger and he will put all of your purchases in the old plastic bag.

Another thing Safeway does is that the have a big basket outside the entrance with a sign that says "Dispose your old plastic bags here". Then they recycle the used plastic bags.

These are two options that Shopwise, SM and other groceries and department stores can do to encourage people to reuse or recycle.

Even Yokohama tires, Nissan and Toyota gave out canvass bags during the just recent International Motorshow.

It's the responsible thing to do. Do your share.