Boracay's white beach

Boracay's white beach
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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Think Green!!!!

Help protect our environment! And you thought i was talking about a university.

Nope, i'm talking about being responsible by helping save mother earth. Shopwise is one of those retail companies that have been encouraging their shoppers to use reusable bags. For P99.50, you could buy a bag made of canvass and use it every time you buy your groceries. Also, when you get their reusable grocery bag, they give you a laminated card with a bar code printed, which you can attach to your bag using the chain that comes with the laminated card.

After you've done your shopping and the cashier rings up your bill, she scans the bar code of the card and it gives you double points.

We used to bring home about 8-10 plastic bags of a month's worth of groceries. Yesterday, we only had two of the Shopwise canvass bag.

I know SM Supermarket is another retail company that encourages their grocery shoppers to get their canvass bag which you can use when you buy your groceries.

Back in the US, Safeway encourages their shoppers to use their previous plastic bags when they buy groceries again. All you have to do is fold them neatly and place them in another plastic bag. And when you're at the cashier, you give the used plastic bag to the bagger and he will put all of your purchases in the old plastic bag.

Another thing Safeway does is that the have a big basket outside the entrance with a sign that says "Dispose your old plastic bags here". Then they recycle the used plastic bags.

These are two options that Shopwise, SM and other groceries and department stores can do to encourage people to reuse or recycle.

Even Yokohama tires, Nissan and Toyota gave out canvass bags during the just recent International Motorshow.

It's the responsible thing to do. Do your share.

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