Boracay's white beach

Boracay's white beach
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Friday, April 25, 2008

Slammer Burgers

I first read about Slammer Burgers when the group owner of Gimik group read it in the blog of Francis Ibanez and posted it in the group.

That day he posted it, I was at ayala center and saw an outlet of Slammer Burgers in the food court of Ayala Center G4. But since I've already ordered from Meisters by Almon Marina, I told myself that I'll have to try next time.

And so, I was at ayala center this morning and was able to try out the Slammer Burger in the G4 food court.

I ordered the 2 pcs. roasted garlic slammer for P60.00 and a regular order of belgian fries for P40.00 without dip. If you want dip with the fries, it costs P45.00.

I thought that the roasted garlic variant would have chopped roasted garlic. Instead they use garlic sauce. And as mentioned in the blog, the fries did taste great.

The serving size of the 2pcs. was just right for me but had I really been hungry, I would have gotten the 4 pcs.

Their other variants are plain, cheeseburger, jalapeno and bacon mushroom melt. They offer them at 2pcs., 4 pcs. and 8 pcs.

Burger lovers should check out this new burger joint.

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Rein said...

Yeah, I was quite disappointed with the garlic dip. But in any case, the burger's cheese sauce was really great! I usually squeeze the sauce out into my fries too! yumm!

In any case, here's a review i made on the same restaurant, only this time, it's at Robinson's Galleria: