Boracay's white beach

Boracay's white beach
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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Food tripping: Bun on the Run - President Ave., Pque.

Finally got to check out the branch of Bun on the Run along President Ave., near the intersection of Elizalde Ave. Been passing the place everytime we would visit my in-laws. Parking is a problem as there are few slots in front of the place. And they don't do delivery. Not much space inside, there were 4 small tables with stools.

I ordered their well-known Choriburger and fries and a bottle of Tropicana Orange Twister. First time I had a Choriburger was back in my high school days when they had a kiosk at the second floor of the Greenbelt 1 mall. After getting movie tickets, I would order 2 Choriburgers and would chow down on them while watching the movie.

Their Choriburger tasted a bit saltier than I remembered. I forgot which blog I read but it did mention that it was a bit salty to the taste. I had to take sips of my orange drink once in awhile just to wash off the salty taste.

After finishing my meal, I mentioned to the staff that the patty was a bit salty and they confirmed this as they have received a lot of comments about it. They said they'll mention it to the owners. I hope that they'll be able to adjust the recipe.

I learned that aside from this branch and in Metrowalk, there are 2 more branches of Bun on the run. One is along Rufino Ave. (formerly Herrera Ave.) in Legaspi Village, and a more recent one in Trinoma.

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tipidmeals said...

pupuntahan ko nga ito one of these days. eh kasi nasaraduhan na ako kanina. LOL. by the way, nakapunta na ako sa JT's Manukan. sarap! :-)