Boracay's white beach

Boracay's white beach
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Friday, May 9, 2008

Home cooking food trip: Chicken Inasal

I was at the Landmark Supermarket last Wednesday looking for pasalubong for our relatives in the US, when I chanced on this in one of the shelves of the supermarket. It's a bottle of Claude's Inasal BBQ marinade (one of the many bottled food products of artist/chef/cabalen Claude Tayag). So, I thought I'd get a bottle and give it a try. And it costs less than P100.00.

I remembered that I had purchased boneless chicken breasts and thighs about 2 weeks ago and were just sitting in the freezer. I was originally planning to cook the chicken parts with the Indian curry sauce given by my wife's cousin who was ssent by his office for an 8-week assignment in New Delhi. But since my wife isn't fond of curry or Indian food, I decided to use the marinade instead.

Instruction says to use 1/2 cup of the marinade for every kilo of meat (chicken or pork). Let it sit for about 2 hours before cooking or better yet, refrigerate it overnight so that the marinade would seep into the meat. One way of making the marinade seep into the meat is to puncture the meat with a fork.

Then I pan-grilled the chicken, however I didn't have a pan grill (those with ridges) so I used my regular teflon frying pan. I wanted to use my stove-top griller but didn't want to make a mess. I didn't have to oil the pan as the sauce already had oil in it, together with the herbs and spices.

Good thing I still had some sinamak (sukang ilonggo) in my cupboard. Which reminds me, I have to get fresh garlic, ginger and sili; and make a fresh batch of sinamak.

Had I let the marinade and chicken sit overnight, the marinade would have seeped into the meat more. But still, it tasted great!

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