Boracay's white beach

Boracay's white beach
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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Junior's Cheesecake - A New York Institution is now in the Philippines!

Saw this ad in the Inquirer last week.

It says that you can order Junior's Cheesecake from the main supplier in Kamagong St., Makati City or from among the residences that sell them (Rockwell, Alabang/Paranaque, Mandaluyong, Quezon City). But this for a limited time only, until September. Not sure if they were able to have authentic Junior's cheesecake flown in all the way from the US or someone who works with Junior's in the country and is making them locally. They even used the website link of the US outlet.

My wife and I have tried Junior's cheesecake when we were in NY last May. We had dinner there with her sis-in-law. And their cheesecakes are to die for. We were lucky that her sis-in-law was able to make table reservations for us. Otherwise, we would have had to queue for a table with the other patrons trying to wait for a table. We dined at the Times Square outlet.

I ordered the steak burger and strawberry milkshake, my wife had a salad. My wife didn't finish her salad in order to leave space for dessert.

Then we ordered a strawberry cheesecake and a chocolate cheesecake.

The cheesecakes are rich and are filling to the stomach.

Photos can be seen in my multiply site (

Will try to order and find out if the cheesecakes that they say are authentic.


dire_angel said...

hi, by any chance do you know exact address of Junior's cheesecake in makati? I wanna buy po kasi... salamat.

tibo_3rd said...

hi dire_angel,

per the ad, they're at 9729 Kamagong ST., San Antonio Village, Makati City. You could call them at 8995012 or 7381979.

I haven't tried them yet.

For the other residential dealers, just click on the photo of the ad for a bigger view.

Thanks for dropping by!