Boracay's white beach

Boracay's white beach
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Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Wife's Pepper Lunch food trip

My wife and I had dinner at Pepper Lunch in the Power Plant Mall at Rockwell last weekend.

It was her first time to try Pepper Lunch. I've told her about it after my trip to Bangkok last January where I was able to try it out in the World Center Mall in downtown Bangkok. I was able to try the Hitokuchi Steak Cut then. And then last June, at Rockwell with a friend of mine, I had the hamburger and steak combo.

She had the Chicken Pepper Rice but without the pepper and I had the Salmon Pepper Rice and we shared a Sesame Chicken salad shake. You literally have to shake the plastic container where the salad is served in order to mix the ingredients.

She liked it but commented that the Pepper Rice meals are a bit pricey for something that looks like a rice topping meal. But she also said that the steak meals are probably worth the price as she assumed that the beef is imported.

We'll probably come back after a month or two and try the other items on the menu.

To the owners, Chef Jeroen and Cecile, kudos to your business venture!


Jeroen said...

Hi there! Thanks for your post and review!

Almost all our ingredients are imported from the butter, the sauces, dressings for the salads to of course all our meats from australia and new zealand, chicken from US and salmon from Norway. This way we can keep our quality high and consistent.

Hope to see you guys again soon at PL :-)

Thanks & Cheers jeroen

tibo_3rd said...

Hi Chef, thanks for visiting my page.

Will definitely be back. Hope you have freebies or giveaways like the those mobile phone thingies that you attach and dangle from your phone. Or stickers of the logo, how about caps?