Boracay's white beach

Boracay's white beach
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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Behold: Pepper Lunch store designs for Rockwell

to those who've read my post on Pepper Lunch; here's an update from the Philippine franchisee;

set to open on april, 30 2008. it's located across the Rustan's supermarket, same area as Shakey's and Kenny Rogers

with permission from the franchisee.

for better view of the photos, go to
4th-Feb-2008 11:25 pm - Behold: Pepper Lunch store designs for Rockwell
We love working with Japanese. They are modern, innovative, professional, efficient and all the wonderful things you thought about them.

For our first store in Rockwell we hired the official
Suntory space designers, MYU Planning & Operators.
While our project coordinator in Manila is Kimachi Takatoshi of Kuni Philippines (L) shown with Hiro (also of Kuni) and Jeroen of Pepper Lunch.
Kimachi, Hiro and Jeroen discussing Pepper Lunch layout

Ok, their office in Makati is just awesome.
Kuni/Corogn office

Kimachi's office

Take a sneak peak at the floor plan sent by MYU
Pepper Lunch store design at Rockwell

and computer renderings by Kuni Philippines

Pepper Lunch store design at Rockwell

The seating looks cozy. Don't you wanna eat here?
Pepper Lunch store design at Rockwell

Eyelovit. Do you love it?

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tipidmeals said...

hi. since Pepper Lunch is not open yet, i tried Mang Inasal. I know you told me not to try it..that's why i got so curious. lol.

totoo nga, inde lasang inasal. mas masarap pa chicken BBQ ng Goodah!!!

tibo_3rd said...

hahaha! sabi sayo di masarap dun. tried it once, never went back.

masubukan nga yung sa goodah. tried the inasal of aristocrat, it was okay but far from the authentic inasal. better than mang inasal's